It is a report of “2nd WPPC Kids’ Nation” (held on 14th October).

The rain which stopped down to near 8 o’clock stopped, and it became possible to be held in the open air.
In the morning, it rained occasionally, but when the WPPC began the blue sky also expanded and the temperature went up.

Children ‘s soccer tournament was held at nearby football grand. Five or six boys of elementary school students practicing kicking the ball with the lawn in the immediate vicinity came by the arranged national flags and seemed unusual. So I will hold a party to pray peace around the world from 1:30 pm so please join us. Speaking to talk to them, they were doing a swing that seemed to have the national flag, but unfortunately it overlapped with the competition (of soccer game) and it did not come true.

But when two boys in another group started running, they joined the row and brought us the national flag three times. I thought about giving sweets if I go out with them until the end, but I ran away as soon as I could have the next game.

After the end of WPPC, I asked a little boy who had been watching nearly all the time to have a Hinomaru, praying for Japan’s peace and swinging the national flag.

Also, since we made the atmosphere by stretching the national flag between neighboring trees, I thought whether the parents and children passing along the roads were hitting the flag of the national flag and I was interested in the flag of the world .

On the day, we also handed out peace dolls, but for boys shuriken made from colored paper was popular.
I found a few challenges in WPPC’s way of doing so I would like to make use of it next year.

that’s all.

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