1.About NPO corporation International World Peace Symphony

Q Please tell me the background of the establishment.

A In the world, wars and conflicts are constantly being developed, and nuclear weapons are also being developed and accumulated. I was saddened by such a situation and wanted to realize world peace with anything, I came to the establishment of the NPO corporation International World Peace Symphony.

Q Is management funds due to donation?
A Operating funds are mainly dues and donations.

2.About membership system / donation

Q Do you have membership benefits?

A Members have the following benefits.
1.You can attend the general meeting of this NPO corporation and exercise your voting rights.
2.You can receive information (mainly electronic mail) from this NPO corporation.

Q I would like to donate, what should I do?

A Thank you very much.

For donation, please click the method of donation button on this homepage, please see there.(only Japanese)

Q Is the donation amount subject to deduction?

A Unfortunately, it is not subject to tax deduction now.

Q I want to join?

A Thank you very much.
Please click the inquiry button on this homepage, and I will ask by e-mail.

Q What should I do if I want to withdraw from my account?

A If you want to withdraw, there are the following methods.
1.If you wish to withdraw from the end of the year, you will be automatically withdrawn at the end of December unless you pay the fee for the following fiscal year.
2.If you wish to withdraw without notice at the end of the year, please contact the secretariat. I will do the procedure of withdrawal.

3.About volunteers

Q Please tell us the day of volunteer activity.

A From the schedule of this homepage, you can check the date of holding WPPC.

Q In the volunteer, what kind of activities do you actually do?

A It is the operation of WPPC. For example, the staff to hand over the national flag, the staff to receive the national flag, the staff to read the country name, the staff to guide the national flag, the staff to store the flag. Everyone can work easily. There are photos etc.

Q Where can volunteers apply for participation?

A Applications for participation in WPPC will be posted on this website, so please apply as a participant. Participation of specific roles of volunteer activities will be shared on the day of WPPC on-site.

As mentioned above, please rest assured that it is easy work anyone can do.