Information on the LOVE & PEACE parade.

Earth Day 50th Anniversary
LOVE & PEACE parade
~ Hello Earth Friends ~
Implemented on Sunday, April 12, 2020

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day,
We will hold a LOVE & PEACE parade.
At the parade,
The various initiatives of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
The splendor of love and peace
We walk together happily, expressing each way.

Diverse people turn differences into power
Start walking towards the same goal.

Create such a peaceful space,
Sending the harmony to the world
It is a LOVE & PEACE parade.

[Implementation date] April 12, 2020 (Sun) from 14:00 to 16:00
[Meeting] United Nations University 12:00 meeting
[Course] (planned)
UNU → Omotesando → Jingumae → Meiji-dori → Shibuya → Aoyama-dori → UNU

[Recruitment Guidelines for 2020] ・ Groups and organizations that have performed parades and marches on various themes
・ Groups and organizations engaged in various activities
・ Individual participation is also welcome (you can participate on the day)

[Participation Fees] Participants will be required to pay a participation fee of 100 yen or more to cover part of the parade operation costs.
[Planning] LOVE & PEACE project
[Organizer] LOVE & PEACE Parade Executive Committee

For details of the last two parades (there are many photos) and details, please see the file at the following URL.

LOVEPEACE-PARADE (for publication) .pdf

We are looking for participants to the parade.
Please visit the site below and register.

The executive committee is also recruiting.

In addition, the following exchange meetings will be held as exchange places for those who are interested in the parade. Please feel free to join us.

☆ ★ LOVE & PEACE Parade / Kickoff Exchange ☆☆

[Date] January 13, 2020 (Monday / Holiday) 13: 00-17: 00
[Place] Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters Reader Hall
5-3-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
map 11050854

・ Introduction of LOVE & PEACE parade
・ Introduction of participating groups
・ Group discussion
* Theme: Future vision, what you want to do on Earth Day, etc.
* Calling for additional themes
ご Please propose a theme that you would like to discuss under such a theme.
・ We are planning a social gathering.
* The details of the exchange will be announced on the following site.

[Participation application] Please apply in advance from the application form below.

that’s all. Let’s all parade in the city of Shibuya with the aim of realizing a peaceful society together!

that’s all. Thank you.

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