December 21st (Saturday) Information on “The First Next Generation SDGs Forum” at Shibaura Institute of Technology (Omiya Campus)

“1st Next Generation SDGs Forum” flyer
2_ Forum Hoster V7.pdf

December 21 (Saturday) I would like to outline the actions on the day and WPPC as follows.

* If you can participate in the morning, please join us in the morning.
・ 10: 10-11: Keynote speech
・ 11: 00-12: 30: Panel discussion

* From here, the following actions should be attended by as many as possible. WPPC preparation and production time.
・ 11:30: Local gathering and WPPC preparation started (2305 classroom on the 3rd floor of Building 2)
・ 12: 45-13: 25: WPPC held (2305 classroom on the 3rd floor of Building 2)
・ 13: 25 ~ 14: 00: Clean up
* From 13:30 to 13:50, Sakazaki will have a meeting on the day of the session.
・ 14:00-15:30: Participate in the session (2205 classroom on the 2nd floor of Building 2)
・ 15:40-17:20: Participation in an interactive workshop
・ 17: 30 ~: Participate in a social gathering (about 3,500 yen per person)

WPPC will be held in 2305 classroom on the 3rd floor of Building 2, but a simple flyer to recruit participants will be placed at the reception for this event on the day. Mr. S created a simple flyer (A5 size). Thank you very much. I want to print about 500 sheets.

You can’t park inside the university. So please come by public transport.
Please refer to the following URL for the timetable of the school bus that goes to and from the university campus from JR Higashi-Omiya Station.

How to read the bus timetable.
・ The “Departure Bus” and “School Building Bus” columns indicate the bus departure time.
-The timetable inside the table is the train timetable (“Down” and “Up”) of JR Higashi-Omiya Station.
-Buses depart frequently during the time periods that are listed as “Narrower intervals” in the bus timetable column.
・ There are no departures for buses when there is nothing in the bus timetable column.

・ This is the main way to Higashi-Omiya Station
Tokyo Station (JR Ueno Tokyo Line 38 minutes) → Higashi-Omiya Station
Shinjuku Station (JR Shonan Shinjuku Line 38 minutes) → Higashi-Omiya Station
Ueno Station (JR Utsunomiya Line, 32 minutes) → Higashi-Omiya Station

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