Main activities

In order to achieve the above objectives, this corporation conducts the following business as a project related to specified nonprofit activities.

(1) Educational projects in various languages ​​including Japanese (learn the word “peace” in national languages)

(2) Think about peace in Japanese and national languages ​​Business that broadens consciousness for peace

Toward the realization of world peace, WPPC (World Peace Player Ceremony
(World Peace Prayer Ceremony)) in various parts of the world and Japan.

About the world peace player ceremony (WPPC)

Naha-shi Shintoshin Park (2016)

It is a ceremony to pray for peace of the country by all the participants while raising the national flag of one country, beyond all differences such as nation, ethnicity, religion, thought.

It aims to unite the hearts of mankind with the common wishes of world peace while expressing respectfully to all countries.
This ceremony has been held in various scales around the world since it was first held abroad in Los Angeles, USA in 1986 as one of the peace activities promoted by the World Peace Prayer Society.

In 1990 it was held at the General Conference Hall of the United Nations Headquarters and in recent years it is an annual event of International Peace Day. It was also held at the United Nations Asia-Pacific Economic and Social Committee and the UNESCO Headquarters.

About Peace Paul

Peace Paul has various kinds of tetrahedrons, hexahedrons, handmade etc, and in various languages ​​on each side a message of peace called “May Peace Prevail On Earth.” Is written.
Peace Paul is a symbol of common wishes of humankind seeking peace, and it reminds us of the importance of each and every one of us living in the spirit of peace and harmony.

The Peace Paul Project invites peace lovers all over the world to voluntarily build this peace message or the written Paul as a symbol of peace.

Peace Paul is a means of connecting people who love peace. By expressing peaceful wishes in the form of Peace Paul, it arouses the peaceful consciousness of the people who saw it, at the same time it connects to the network of peoples who built peace poles all over the world and extends the circle of positive thoughts It is a grassroots peace activity.

Peace Paul is built by volunteers around the world who agree with the project. Everyone can build peace poles in individuals, groups, or community activities.

More than 200,000 books are currently built in 180 countries around the world including tourist attractions, parks, street corners, schools, churches, shrines and temples, garden of private residences.

Progress degree list(only Japanese)

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WPPC list(only Japanese)

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