Report on “Global Festa Japan 2019”

hodo no koto mo arimashita.
This is a report of “Global Festa Japan 2019” held on September 28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun).

As a result, our booth exhibition was a huge success! was! Unintentionally, I added three “large”, but it was so wonderful.

Blessed with the weather, there were many visitors.
The following activities were carried out at this NPO booth. Basically, the people who came to our booth (hereinafter referred to as store visitors) should write the word “peace” on a sticky note, and put a sticker on the world map for that country. Finally, we developed an activity to have the country ’s national flag and say “peace”.

In two days, about 160 people wrote and said “peace”.

Japanese and foreign people from various countries participated. In addition, young people actively participated. At one time, there was sometimes enough to wait for the turn.

In addition to the general public, embassies including ambassadors also participated.

When talking to foreigners, “Please write the word for peace,” there were many people who responded immediately, “Peace? OK”.

Dear customers, when they said “peace” with the national flag together, they said with a wonderful smile. The inside of the booth was really filled with light and wrapped in an atmosphere of peace and harmony. I was able to enjoy a very moving moment.

In this activity, I was convinced and acquired the following.

・ I felt that many people around the world, including Japan, strongly wanted peace.
・ With “Peace”, I realized that people around the world can be in harmony by overcoming differences in words and cultures that make them smile and become one.
・ It was important to work outside the NPO, not outside the NPO, and I felt that through this activity, the internal cooperation, unity, and solidarity of the NPO were strengthened. After all, sharing a little burdensome experience of working outside, the so-called “friends who ate the same kettle,” would deepen mutual understanding and mutual trust.
・ This activity can be said to be the activity of the NPO. The Articles of Incorporation state that:
(Business type)
Article 5 In order to achieve the purpose of Article 3, this corporation will conduct the following business as a business related to specified non-profit activities.
(1) Education in various languages ​​including Japanese (learns the word “peace” in each language)
(2) A project to think about peace and expand awareness of peace in Japanese and other languages

・ At first, the activities at this booth were in a state of groping about what to do and what to do, but the methods and know-how were established through two days of activities. In the future, if there was a similar opportunity, such as an exhibition at the “Rock Festival”, it was proved that it would be good to work in the way established this time. This is a big harvest for this NPO.

・ This time, about 160 people were able to describe and say “peace”, but if the staff of this NPO is well equipped, more people will be able to describe and say “peace”. I think you were able to. After all, Festa visitors were more on Sundays. The scale of 160 people is difficult to achieve with WPPC. Even so, I think the booth exhibition at this festival is quite effective and efficient. I would like to devise the future improvement point that the staff was insufficient and the so-called “opportunity loss” and “opportunity loss” were generated.

The above is the beliefs and lessons learned through this activity.

◎ This is an overview of the booth exhibition.
・ Call out. You may or may not use Peace Doll.
・ The customer will select the language. At that time, I will explain a little.
・ Shows a list of country names and languages.
・ Find the national flag of the selected country.
・ The customer will write “Peace” on the sticky note.
・ Put the written sticky note on the board
・ Attach the label to the country on the world map
・ Please bring the national flag of the selected country.
・ Guests will have permission to take photos and upload websites.
・ Take a picture while saying “peace” together.
・ Apply with applause while saying “Bravo” or “Great”.
・ Piece goods such as Peace Dolls will be given.
・ Speak out so that there are no leftovers.

The following is an overview of the above activities as a record.
Recording (3 minutes 18 seconds)

◎ Numerical results
September 27 (Fri) Advance preparation date
3 staff, 2 hours working time

September 28 (Sat)
[AM] 6 staff
[Afternoon] 7 staff
116 visitors per day

September 29 (Sun)
[Morning] 1 staff (actually closed)
[Afternoon] 4 staff members (gradual recovery)
Number of visitors per day: about 50

Number of peace goods such as peace dolls distributed in two days
About 1,000 peace dolls
About 500 piece goods

One thing that surprised me this time was asking each visitor, “Are you sure you want to take a photo and upload it to our NPO website?” Most people responded “OK”. I realized once again that it was the Internet era.
Please look at the wonderful smile when you say “peace”. The photos below are in chronological order from the 27th preparation day.

20190929_Global Festa JAPAN2019
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People who helped prepare for the day before, people who contributed peace goods, including peace dolls, people who provided equipment such as pop, country list, world map, Odaiba on the day, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the people who participated in the booth exhibition activities, and to everyone who participated, provided, cooperated, and assisted. Thank you very much. Thanks to you, I was able to make a great success!
If you were unable to participate in this event, please join us at the next opportunity. At the same time as contributing to the spread of “peace”, I am sure that there will be great excitement.

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