It is information on participation in “YES PEACE! SDGs Happy Earth Parade in Shibuya”.

For details, please refer to the following URL and the following URL document.

We, NPO corporation International Peace of World Peace participate in the parade this year (April, 2018) and we would like to participate in the parade next year. It was a very fun, fulfilling parade!
Let ‘s share world peace from Shibuya with the participation of many people!
Come and join us!

20180930_a_SDGs – Happy Earth Parade Report – compressed.pdf

20180930_b_SDGs – Happy Earth Parade 2019 Project Proposal.pdf

Earth Day Tokyo 2019 Participation planning
SDGs Happy Earth Parade in Shibuya

“A town that changes the difference between the two”
Let’s express Shibuya, everyone, express love and peace!

【Scheduled date】 April 21, 2019 (Sunday)

Around Yoyogi Park (under adjustment) → Park Avenue →
Shibuya Ekima scramble intersection → Aoyama street →
Omotesando → Yoyogi Park

【Organizer】 SDGs Happy Earth Parade in Shibuya Executive Committee
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A diverse group of people who wish for a sustainable and peaceful society, crossing various differences including race, ethnicity, nationality, religion and the like, walks along the streets of Shibuya pleasantly and gently together, “SDGs Happy Earth Parade in Shibuya “will be held at Earth Day 2019 Earth Event by Japan’s largest citizen.

The parade was held for the first time this spring as part of the YES PEACE! Project which the NPO corporation Hibakusha exhibition has been working on. This year, we will organize the executive committee and prepare under a wider group / individual participation.

With the theme of SDGs
There is no serious parade with the theme of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goal), and with the participation of A-bomb survivors, people with disabilities, various people including LGBT (sexual minority) I will aim for a parade where people along the roads and people who join can be happy.

For details, please refer to the document of the above URL.

that’s all. Thank you.

May Peace Prevail On Earth!

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