It is a report of “2nd WPPC Wakkanai city”.

May Peace Prevail On Earth.

2018 June 17th 12 o’clock –
“Wakkanai-shi WPPC” was held at Wakkanai-shi Soya Cape Park.
16 people from Tokyo, Hakodate, Sapporo, Wakkanai participated.
I sincerely thank you.
The weather is cloudy. At the Soya Cape where strong winds are always on, the WPPC using the flags seemed to be difficult, but everyone shared wisdom and power, and they did it together.
Then the wind got weaker from the middle and the sun went out. Participants turned around the turn and changed the way of movement in the production, so many tourists were able to see WPPC.
Unfortunately, there was no participation by the general public, but before the start, a German man around the world came and gratefully brought his national flag.
With all of us, with hearts, we signed a peace sign with a smile, saying “Mege freeie in Deutschlandland zine” (as it is peaceful in Germany).

With this WPPC, what seems to be difficult is not compatible with people gathered with the feeling that it will accomplish !! We have experienced the strength and splendor of the unity of the people we united.

Everyone who participated. Everyone who prayed for support in various places, it became indebted.
We gathered the power of each and every one to lead us to a great success.
I’m really thankful to you.

Mr. W’s enthusiasm for being thankful to Mrs. Wakamoto who brought a concrete scaffolding to make a banner of NPO and a stick, a signboard for “Final 2 WPPC Wakaichi City” from Hakodate, Will go down. There was something that made my heart hot.

Thanks to everyone, I was able to finish safely. Thank you very much.
With infinite gratitude, I am happy and full of heart.

◎ It is an impression from those who participated.
· WPPC was made in the northernmost area, which was meaningful.
· The figure that everyone cooperated with was wonderful.
· It was really fun and I had a national flag while smiling.
· Together with nature, the heart to pray for peace has overflowed.
· I felt very free and enjoyable.
· The scale was much bigger than the first Wakkanai WPPC.
· It was more fun than any WPPC that I participated so far.
· I thought that I contributed to world peace.

It is a picture and a recording of “2nd WPPC Wakkanai city”.

that’s all

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