We will report on 7th WPPC Hakodate City International Happiness Day on March 21 and we were able to finish safely.

On March 21st, the day when the 1st WPPC Hakodate was held, EW, the founder of the NPO, participated. I was pleased to be able to hold the seventh time on the same day.

And on that day, when I enter the lobby of the first floor of the town development center, there is a sight that I have never seen before …
How, it was overflowing with people.
There were many shops, and at the coffee section, the chorus was also held.

WPPC was held in such a situation.

The people who participated this time were Hakodate members, originally few people, so two people who had a cold feeling were not perfect, but I joined them, and I did not get from Nanae Those who did, their wife came also.

Mr. S from Tokyo, his wife also participated. Thank you very much.

The stage of handmade by Mr. W of Naniwa and the newly purchased Mr. W’s amp with a microphone, the venue was lively, but I think the volume was also good.

Peace goods were able to pass a lot to various people.

Among many people, I was able to make WPPC, I heard a lot of people pray words of world peace, from this place to the countries of the world, I was able to disseminate the thought of peace, The thought of happiness and joy got up.

I truly truly thought that the world would be peaceful.

Those who opened stores immediately before us got very good learning and they gave me the impression words that they were impressed.

The only regret is that,
There was not one who newly participated.

Next time I would like to choose places where many children gather. ”

that’s all.

May Peace Prevail On Earth.

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