It is information on participation in “Yes Peace! Happy Earth Parade”.

Always thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation in the activities of this NPO.

※ Please reprint, spread, etc., please, thank you.
Well, although it is quickly, we are going to participate in the following events at our “NPO International International Peace Revolution” (hereinafter referred to as “NPO”) at this time.

In the meantime, I would like you to call on everyone to join us.

“Yes Peace! Happy Earth Parade”

· April 21 (Sat) It is one of “Earth Day Tokyo 2018” events.
· Method of participation
How to participate in the parade, there are the following methods.
1. Participate as your organization.
2. Participate with this parade of NPOs.
3. Individually, participate.

· Overview of the parade course
Meeting place: Yoyogi Park Keyaki row of trees
At the start 14 o’clock park
Koen line → Shibuya Ekima scramble intersection → Meiji Dori → Omotesando → Yoyogi Park
Termination: Schedule around 16 o’clock

· It is a flyer of “Yes Peace! Happy Earth Parade”.
SDGs Happy Earth Parade Flyer .pdf

· Organizer of this parade
Planning YES PEACE! Project (
(NPO World Hibakusha Exhibition: https: //
Operated Earth Day Tokyo 2018 · SDGs Happy Earth Parade Team

· “◆ Earth Day Tokyo 2018 Yes Peace! SDGs Happy Earth Parade”

· “Earth Day Tokyo 2018”

that’s all. From Shibuya, let ‘s send the world peace, to the world, with the power of everyone!

For applications and inquiries for participation, please do the following.

Sakazaki FAX 03-6759-1312


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