It is a report of “3rd WPPC Naha City / Shintoshin Park”.

We will report the 3rd Okinawa WPPC.

On November 19, 2017, thanks to you, we were able to finish the 3rd WPPC successfully. Staff (6 people) Collaborators (8 people) Local people (8) Elementary school students, middle and high school students (about 30 people) The total number was about 50 people.

The weather of the day was a strong wind, but under the blue sky, the children were the center and a lively flag ceremony.

Peace goods also gave everyone a peace doll from Mr.S, A and last year, folding cranes and bookmarks from Mr.I, and the children were delighted. Mr. K took me to Hakodate for the remaining piece goods.

Everyone in Hokkaido, Gunma, Nagoya, Tokyo and Okinawa gathered together for this WPPC, and we enjoyed a good interchange.

From the first visit in 2015, we have won the WPPC in Okinawa, through our past achievements, together with Okinawa WPPC, we hope that the local people will be the center and we can continue. Thank you for seeing our figure and we will do it from everyone! I decided to connect with Mr. K as the center. Mr. H of Shisa gave me a nice word that she would like to offer her own flag.

Regarding that matter, I would like to discuss with everyone as a NPO organizer for next year.

For some time, I asked for peaceful construction in the land of Okinawa. This time, thanks to you, my thoughts were granted!

The place is in the premises of a factory that is familiar to Uruma City. On the net, it is a famous place as a power spot with strong energy.

Thanks to T’s vice president’s promise, I made a promise to build. Shipping of luggage will be asked to Mr. Y, please, thank you m (__) m

We realize that this WPPC which we have accumulated so far has flowered open now. With this, I feel quiet pleasure in the sense of accomplishment that I accomplished one of our roles.

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