It is a report of “The 6 th WPPC Hakodate City / community exchange town development center”.

May Peace Prevail On Earth!!!

Although it became late, we will report on the 6th WPPC Hakodate community development center which was held on December 3rd.

This time, thanks to the International World Peace Symphony, the people of Tokyo, people of Sapporo Road, we successfully ended WPPC and made it a great success.
Thank you very much

9 staff members, 1 participant. I did it at the 1st floor gallery of the town development center, people who had business at the town development center, those who came at the training etc., who passed in front of us seemed unusual to see it.
People who have not passed before, as well as world humankind may be peaceful! May your country of peace be peaceful! I think that the voice and reverberation have arrived.
The staff who were in the information of the town development center have seen and heard it all the time.

Those who took care of WPPC this time, they asked me various questions, and put it on the blog of the town development center.
It is on the activity diary of Hakodate City Community Planning Center. The picture was also good and the explanation was also good.
Also, why do not you register as a citizen activity group! There was also a story that I was able to finish with a pleasant invitation that will lead to next year.

Everyone, thank you.

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