It is information of “Yes Peace! SDGs Happy Earth Parade”.

May Peace Prevail On Earth.

“Yes Peace! SDGs Happy Earth Parade” will be held as follows.
Everyone, please join us. From Shibuya, Omotesando, let’s resound world peace towards the world!

Date and time: Sunday, April 21, 2019
Meeting time: around 1:30 pm
Start: 2 pm (scheduled to end around 3:30 pm)
Meeting place: in front of UNU (passage to the right or left of UNU building)
Dissolution place: A passage beside UNU (details will be decided later)

Tokyo Prefecture Tokyo Shibuya-gu Jingumae 5-53-70

Course: United Nations University⇒Omotesando⇒Jingumae⇒Meiji street⇒Shibuya Station⇒Aoyama Street⇒UNU
※ Course may be changed partly because it is undecided.
Participation fee: 100 yen or more per person (I will collect it on the day)
※ The meaning of “more than 100 yen” means that any amount is more than 100 yen.
Please be assured that the amount is still undecided and does not mean that it is being displayed like this.

Organizer: “Yes Peace! SDGs Happy Earth Parade Executive Committee”
※ We, “NPO International Sound of World Peace” are members of this executive committee.

“Yes Peace! SDGs Happy Earth Parade” Facebook Page

Participants of the parade will be joined by various groups and organizations. This NPO corporation also participates as one of those participating groups.

In our corps, about three and a half kilometers, Peace Pole together with the small flags of all countries (193 countries) will be parade while praying for peace in each country and world.

We are recruiting small flag flags. Please come to the United Nations University open space around 1 o’clock.

Points to note on the day of the parade
・ Please join with easy-to-walk clothes and shoes.
・ If the sun is strong, the temperature is high, etc., please prepare necessary things such as a hat and drinking water.
・ If it is raining, please prepare a kappa. During the parade, you may not be able to use an umbrella, but it may be better to have a folding umbrella.
・ The restroom will guide you later.
・ For lunch, a farmer’s market is held on the square in front of UNU, and snacks are sold at the tent there, so you can use it.
・ The parade is scheduled to end around 3:30 pm. After that, from around 5:30 pm on the outdoor stage of Yoyogi Park, there is a finale of “Earth Day Tokyo”. If it’s okay, please join us.

It is a guide of volunteer insurance. If you are a participant in the parade, and apply for volunteer insurance, please apply from the following.

In the first place, I think that it is something that we should correspond in our NPO, but there is no manpower and there is no person in charge of the business, so the correspondence as an NPO corporation can not be done.

At least, I thought that it was only information provision, and guided the following.

Tokyo Volunteer and Citizen Activity Center (TVAC) page
Volunteer insurance, event insurance

Yahoo! JAPAN Insurance page
Learn Volunteer Insurance!

that’s all. Thank you.

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