It is a report of “2nd WPPC Gifu prefecture · Jindonooka Park park”.

On October 13, 2018, WPPC by volunteers was held at “Humanitarian Hill Park” in Yaotsu-cho, Gifu Prefecture. We have not hosted or sponsored by this NPO corporation, but since volunteers are aiming to realize world peace as well as this NPO corporation, this time we will report on WPPC I decided to post it on the NPO’s web page.
Below are reports from volunteers.

On Saturday, 13th October, Gifu Prefecture held WPPC at Hito Hill Park in Yaotsu Town. It will be held for the second time in the same area last year.

The humanitarian hill park was opened after being a hometown of Mr. Chiune Sugihara who was Lithuanian ambassador during wartime. Mr. Sugihara will issue visas at his own discretion to the Jews who wanted to escape to the third country after the Nazis in the summer of 1945 when the Great War had begun in Europe. As a result, more than 2000 visas were issued and many times many people including their families escaped from the hands of the Nazis.

A memorial hall is set up in the humanitarian hill park that displays materials on Mr. Sugihara. We held a ceremony at the outdoor plaza adjacent to the memorial hall. From the square above the gentle hilly land you can look over the flow of the Yaitsu town and the Kiso River. Ten people from around Tokyo gathered on the day.

Greeting to the staff of the park and introducing the WPPC, we will start as scheduled from 12 o’clock after the rehearsal. While harmonizing well with the sound of the fountain that springs regularly, we will pray for peace one country at a time while turning around the pond.

Recently I heard that there are many foreign visitors to the same area from Israel and other parts of the world, but this time it is not possible to see the foreigner, while the local people are spending a relaxing time It was held. The ceremony was only for our members, but it was impressive that the mothers with small children and the people who dropped by the flight of Buddhist monks were interestingly watching us.

Although the sky was cloudy, a day ring appeared from the clouds for about a minute during the ceremony and supported us.

While praying for the peace of each country by raising the flag card, the ceremony ended successfully when I was deeply impressed with the thought that people and descendants alive by Mr. Chiune’s visa would drop in these countries or live there. did.

Even at the memorial hall inside the park I was made to think about various things. There are lots of materials and photographs about his birth and the ambassador of Lithuania in the hall. When I see the picture of Ms. Sugihara reflected with his wife and child, I saw only a normal Japanese man in a good sense. It must have been sensible as a society and family. Meanwhile, some of the visa which faded yellow was exhibited, that he kept writing with a writing hand without sleeping at night. I think that it was the spirit of love of humanity itself that underlies Mr. Sugihara ‘s actions that Mr. Sugihara was trying to save as many people as possible while suffering from the conflict between his thoughts and instructions from the government. Although I live like an ordinary person, I felt that the true value of human being might be questioned whether I could choose super-common sense by believing in my role at the time of emergency.

I am thankful to everyone who participated on the day though it became last. I hope to continue developing even further with the help of everyone.

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